Name Description Weapon Skill Tree Type
Storm's Reach Extends Maelstrom's pull range by 50%. Great Axe Mauler Passive
Absorb Consumes all projectiles while Maelstrom is active. Great Axe Mauler Passive
No Reprieve Maelstrom does an extra spin attack, pulling in foes and dealing 110% weapon damage. Additionally it gains grit during its startup. (Grit prevents you from being staggered by incoming attacks.) Great Axe Mauler Passive
Gravity Well An upward swing dealing 25% weapon damage and projecting a powerful tear in reality that creates a vortex up to 10m away. The vortex pulls foes within 4m to its center and roots them for 1s. Foes within the vortex have their movement speed reduced by 60% due to the intense gravity. The collapsing vortex ends after 3s with a damaging burst dealing 100% weapon damage. (This effect cannot be dispelled.) Great Axe Mauler Active
Crowded Well Increase burst damage by 10% for each foe caught in the vortex. (Max 5 targets.) Great Axe Mauler Passive
Unyielding Allies gain 10% fortify while standing in your well. (Fortify increases armor.) Great Axe Mauler Passive
Mauler's Resolve If you get hit while holding a great axe and are below 50% health, gain 40 stamina. (20s cooldown.) Great Axe Mauler Passive
Heavy Pull Heavy attacks with a great axe pull foes closer to you. Great Axe Mauler Passive
Enduring Strike Adds grit to great axe heavy attacks. Also grants 12% damage reduction while grit is active. (Grit prevents you from being staggered by incoming attacks.) Great Axe Mauler Passive
Gravity After you cause a pull, your foe is rooted for 0.33s. Great Axe Mauler Passive
Revenge When you block an attack with a great axe, gain 5% damage for 5s. (Max 3 stacks.) Great Axe Mauler Passive
Center of Attention While holding a great axe, gain 10% damage when 3 or more foes are within 4m. Great Axe Mauler Passive
Crowded Protection While holding a great axe, gain 20% armor when 3 or more foes are within 4m. Great Axe Mauler Passive
Mauler's Fury Great axe attacks grant a stacking 3% damage increase for 3s. (Max 10 stacks.) Great Axe Mauler Passive
Berserk Enter a berserk mode that increases all attack damage by 20% for 12s. (Cooldown for this ability will not start until the mode ends.) Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equipped in your hatchet, activating this ability inflicts taunt for 8s to all enemies within 8m. (Taunt causes monsters to focus only on you.) Hatchet Berserker Active
On The Hunt While Berserk is active, your movement speed is increased by 20%. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Berserking Refresh While Berserk is active, all attacks gain 5% lifesteal. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Berserking Purge Remove all stuns, slows, and roots from yourself when you activate Berserk. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Uninterruptible Berserk While Berserk is active, your attacks are uninterruptible and you can't be staggered. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Feral Rush Leap forward and strike twice. First Hit: 80% weapon damage and staggers. Second Hit: 130% weapon damage. Hatchet Berserker Active
Dispatch If target is below 30% health, Feral Rush deals 20% more damage. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Crippling Strikes If Feral Rush hits a target in the back, it inflicts root, immobilizing the target for 2s. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Raging Torrent Perform 4 fast attacks, each dealing 90% weapon damage. Raging Torrent can be block/dodge cancelled after the 1st attack. Hatchet Berserker Active
Aggressive Approach Hitting a target with Raging Torrent grants haste, increasing movement speed by 20% for 6s. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Final Blow Press basic attack at the end of Raging Torrent to perform a final attack that deals 120% weapon damage. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Enraged Strikes Abilities and heavy attacks deal 20% more damage to targets below 30% health. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Accumulated Power After 3 successful light attacks or aimed throws against the same target, gain empower, granting a 20% damage increase for 3s or until the next attack. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Relentless Fury After a successful heavy attack, gain empower, granting a 15% damage increase for the next 4 attacks within 5s. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Desperate Refresh All cooldowns are reduced by 2% when hitting an enemy with an attack while your health is below 30%. (Max 5 hits per attack.) Hatchet Berserker Passive
Against All Odds Increase base damage by 10% for every enemy within 5m. (Max 5 targets.) Hatchet Berserker Passive
Fortifying Strikes Hitting a target with a heavy attack grants fortify, increasing armor by 15% for 3s. Hatchet Berserker Passive
Frenzied Purge Remove all bleed, burn, and poison effects from yourself if you hit an enemy while your health is below 30%. (Cooldown 60s.) Hatchet Berserker Passive
Defy Death When you receive lethal damage, avoid death and become invulnerable for 0.5s and restore 500 HP + 50% of your base health upon activation. (60s cooldown.) Hatchet Berserker Passive
Rending Throw Throw a hatchet up to 25m, dealing 110% weapon damage and applying rend, reducing target's armor by 20% for 10s. Hatchet Throwing Active
Targeted Impact Rend duration increased by 4s if the target is further than 6m away. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Opportunistic If Rending Throw hits a target with an active debuff, it deals an additional 20% damage. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Second Wind If Rending Throw hits a target with an active debuff, its cooldown is reduced by 20%. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Social Distancing Throw a hatchet up to 25m forward, dealing 115% weapon damage and inflicting 30% slow for 5s. (Slow reduces target's movement speed.) If standing still or moving backwards, you will dodge backwards obtaining momentary invulnerability. If moving sideways or forwards, you will continue moving unhindered. Hatchet Throwing Active
Quick Power If Social Distancing hits a target with an active debuff, gain haste, increasing your movement speed by 20% for 6s. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Stay Back Social Distancing hits apply a 1s root to targets. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Infected Throw Leap into the air and throw a hatchet that deals 150% weapon damage. This attack inflicts 30% disease and 10% weaken to your target for 10s. (Disease reduces target's incoming healing efficiency and outgoing healing efficiency by half the incoming value.) (Weaken reduces target's outgoing damage.) Hatchet Throwing Active
Mortal Power Increases the duration of disease and weaken by an additional 5s when hitting targets below 50% health. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Aerial Transmission Creates a 3m radius disease and weaken cloud on impact that lingers in place for 6s. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Aimed Throw Replaces block with an aimed throw that deals 100% weapon damage. Hold block to enter aimed stance and press basic attack to throw. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Critical Throw Increased critical hit chance of all melee attacks by 5%. Increased critical hit chance of all ranged attacks by 10%. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Exploitation All attacks deal 10% additional damage to targets with an active debuff. Hatchet Throwing Passive
On Fire Every third thrown hatchet hit is a guaranteed critical hit. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Refreshing Throws Thrown hatchets that hit targets with an active debuff reduce all hatchet ability cooldowns by 5%. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Rejuvenating Crits Critical hits with light attacks and aimed throws regenerate 10 stamina. Hatchet Throwing Passive
Hurling Force Thrown hatchets deal additional damage based on distance from the target. Up to a max of 25% additional damage at 20m or greater. Hatchet Throwing Passive