Name Rarity Tier
Game Meat Common I
Venison Common III
Pork Common I
Poultry Breast Rare IV
Poultry Thigh Uncommon V
Rich Bear Flank Rare V
Juicy Ham Hock Uncommon III
Sumptuous Rabbit Rare V
Venison Tenderloin Rare IV
Tender Wolf Loin Rare IV
Prime Red Meat Rare V
Pork Belly Uncommon V
Fish Roe Rare V
Squid Meat Uncommon III
Water Common
Red Meat Common II
Fish Filet Common I
Firm Fish Filet Common II
Tender Fish Filet Common III
Delicate Fish Filet Common IV
Wheat Common IV
Egg Common I
Poultry Common I
Strawberry Common II
Cranberry Common II
Broccoli Common IV
Melon Common III
Squash Common II
Nut Common I
Berry Common III
Barley Common III
Potato Common III
Corn Common II
Carrot Common II
Cabbage Common III
Honey Common I
Mushroom Common I
Cauliflower Common IV
Cheese Can be crafted Common II
Bread Can be crafted Common II
Sausage Can be crafted Common I
Pasta Can be crafted Common II
Pastry Crust Can be crafted Common II
Butter Can be crafted Common II
Orange Common IV
Lemon Common IV
Apple Common V
String Bean Common V
Coconut Common V
Milk Common I