Privacy Policy

Policy updated on November 11, 2021
NWDB does not directly collect or store any personal information or track you, unless you choose to login/sign up with an account, in which case we will store your email address and the name/nickname provided by your or the provider used to login with.
We use Google Analytics to track our traffic. We don't care about tracking you as an individual, but rather the general traffic data, such as how many people visit our site. You can learn more about how Google Analytics handles your data, and more specific information on what kind of data we, as publishers, have access to here.
We also use Enthusiast Gaming as our advertising partner. All the information necessary about the collected data will be presented to you when you first visit the website, depending on your region, in a constent management platform. If you change your mind about your data sharing choices, you will find a link in the footer of our website to update consent.
If you're unsure about anything, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] and we'll clear it out.