Name Title
Captain Aldous Thorpe (missing map location) Exiled Naval Commander
Dorren Farrell Brightwood Justiciar
Sule Bankole Embalmer of Brightwood
Tunstall Pennyfather Head Cleric of Brightwood
Klara Sobol Brightwood Justiciar
Jang Na-Bi (missing map location) Marauder Commander
Laurentius Krockes Syndicate Scrivener
Beatris Roose (missing map location) Covenant Templar
Lau Kang Herbalist of Brightwood
Balewa Okorie (missing map location) Brightwood Chamberlain
Park Jennet Master Fisher
Shui Tijong Ranger of Brightwood
Painter Wolcott Artist-at-Large
Yargui Khunbish Naturalist
Holt Hutchison Hunter of Brightwood
Megara Pantazis Formerly of Brightwood
Xiaoling Biyu Syndicate Alchemist
Ozian Atreus Marauder Commander
Sai Kumal Syndicate Alchemist
Livia Luca Covenant Excubitor
James Sexton Great Cleave Soulwarden
Chang Zhen Great Cleave Soulwarden
Ayize Magoro Great Cleave Soulwarden
Judithe Owens Great Cleave Soulwarden
Phan Dac-Kien Great Cleave Soulwarden
Sauquillo Dimka Great Cleave Soulwarden
Rymon Knatchbull Ranger of Great Cleave
Mirrell Law Ranger of Great Cleave
Kayode Balogun Ranger of Great Cleave
Tibbe Fowler Ranger of Great Cleave
Eppie Grace Innkeep at the Hound and Hammer
Ingram Kent Innkeep at Dawn's Light
Eberhart Klaus Master Fisher of Great Cleave
Jennifer Heatley Ranger of Great Cleave
Scott Newman Prospector of Great Cleave
Ludwig Amsler Covenant Adjudicator
Kevin Stubbles (missing map location) Ranger of Great Cleave
Tekene Mhlongo (missing map location) Tracker of Great Cleave
Rue Horne (missing map location) Furrier of Great Cleave
Valta Niskanen (missing map location) Arcanist of Great Cleave
Aksinya Krupin (missing map location) Baker of Cleave's Point
Leyson Reese Watcher of Everfall
Balian Clark Everfall Magistrate
Odnell Lee Survivalist of Everfall
Avita Maecia Everfall Constable
Tekla Petrowski Artificer of Everfall
Hoang Lin Marauder Commander
Amrique Olivera Syndicate Alchemist
Amano Ushi Covenant Adjudicator
Cecilia Polly Everfall Barkeep