Name Description Weapon Skill Tree Type
Poison Shot Shoot a poison arrow that on hit or land creates a cloud of poison 3m wide that lasts 6s. Foes entering the cloud are poisoned dealing 10% weapon damage per second for 20s. Bow Skirmisher Active
Infected Arrows Poison Shot's poison now does 12% weapon damage per second for 20s Bow Skirmisher Passive
Direct Hit If you directly hit a target with Poison Shot it deals 200% more damage. Bow Skirmisher Passive
Evade Shot Leap back 5m and shoot an arrow dealing 125% weapon damage. Bow Skirmisher Active
Evasive Knockback Evade Shot causes knockback of 2m. Bow Skirmisher Passive
Go the Distance Evade Shot grants you 5s of 15% Haste (you move faster.) Bow Skirmisher Passive
Rain of Arrows Shoot a barrage of arrows 7 meters wide that deals 150% weapon damage. Bow Skirmisher Active
Barbed Arrows Rain of Arrows causes bleed dealing 85% weapon damage over 12s. (max 3 stacks.) Bow Skirmisher Passive
Hooked Arrows Rain of arrows causes a 15% slow for 4s. (Slow reduces targets movement speed.) Bow Skirmisher Passive
Evasive Tactics After you dodge: Deal 20% more damage for 5s. Bow Skirmisher Passive
Catch Me If You Can If surrounded by 3 or more foes within 3m of you gain 20% Haste (you move faster.) Bow Skirmisher Passive
Closing In Hitting a foe below 50% health: reduces bow ability recharge by 5%. Bow Skirmisher Passive
Impale If you hit a foe with 100% health cause 10% slow for 2s. Bow Skirmisher Passive
Hunter's Insight Hitting a foe with a debuff grants 5 stamina. Bow Skirmisher Passive
Dodge and Weave After you dodge: Gain 10% haste for 2s. (you move faster.) Bow Skirmisher Passive
Archer's Speed Gain 10% haste for 5s when you swap to your bow. (10s cooldown) Bow Skirmisher Passive
Mark Deal 10% more damage to foes suffering from a debuff. Bow Skirmisher Passive
Battle Precision Debuff and damage over time durations last 20% longer. Bow Skirmisher Passive
Knee Shot Leg shots cause 10% slow for 2s (slow causes target to move slower.). Bow Skirmisher Passive
Rapid Shot Shoot 3 consecutive arrows. The first two dealing 100% weapon damage each. The last shot causes a knockback and deal 125% weapon damage. Bow Hunter Active
Rapid Accuracy If all 3 arrows consecutively hit the same target Rapid Shot’s cooldown is reduced by 50%. Bow Hunter Passive
Final Blow 3rd Shot of Rapid Shot deal 25% extra damage. Bow Hunter Passive
Penetrating Shot Shoot an arrow dealing 150% weapon damage that passes through targets and continues for 100 meters. Bow Hunter Active
Blood Soaked Arrow Increased damage by 10% after each hit. (max 50% damage.) Bow Hunter Passive
Deep Strike Penetrating Shot deals 20% more damage to targets 20m or more away. Bow Hunter Passive
Splinter Shot Shoot an arrow out 10 meters it then splits into 3 arrows dealing 50% weapon damage. Bow Hunter Active
Scatter Shot Splinter Shot splits into 5 arrows. Bow Hunter Passive
Calculated Reduce cooldown shot per hit by 10%. Bow Hunter Passive
Long Range Deal 20% more damage to foes at least 10m away. Bow Hunter Passive
Aim True Heavy attacks arrows fly faster and deal 30% more damage. Bow Hunter Passive
Unbreakable Focus Receive 10% less damage while aiming. Bow Hunter Passive
Finishing Shot If your target is below 50% health: Deal 20% more damage. Bow Hunter Passive
Opening Strike Heavy attacks deal +20% damage to foes with 100% health. Bow Hunter Passive
Surprise Attack If you haven't damaged a foe in the last 10s: Deal 20% extra damage. Bow Hunter Passive
Arrow Range Increased arrow distance before start of gravity by 100%. Bow Hunter Passive
Hawkeye When you land a headshot heal yourself for 10% of damage done. Bow Hunter Passive
Bullseye Bow shots critical chance increase by 10%. Bow Hunter Passive
Concussion When you land a headshot you deal 20% more damage and a 50% chance to get your arrow back. Bow Hunter Passive