Attribute Threshold Bonuses

25 +5% light attack damage+10% mining speed
50 +10% heavy attack damage+25 encumbrance
100 +10% physical damage+50 encumbrance
150 +15% stamina regen rate while exhausted-10% weight of mined items
200 +10% damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies+20% mining speed
250 +33% stamina regen rate while performing basic melee attacks+10% yield increase when mining
300 +7% base damage while under 90% health25% chance to mine an ore with a single swing
350 +10% base damage increase to abilities and the final attack in a melee light attack chain+10% chance at finding rare items while mining
25 +5% critical hit chance+10% skinning speed
50 +5% damage while at full health+20% haste for 3s after skinning
100 +5% damage while stamina is not full+50 encumbrance
150 +15% duration to damage over time effects-10% weight of skinned items
200 +10% bonus backstab and headshot damage+20% skinning speed
250 Gain 10% empower for 3s after successfully dodging an attack+10% yield increase when skinning
300 Weapon swapping will cleanse all stun and root crowd control status effects (30s cooldown)Ammo has 15% chance of being returned
350 +15% crit chance while empowered+10% chance at finding rare items while skinning
25 +5% damage increase to backstabs and random critical hits+10% harvest speed
50 +5% damage increase to targets inflicted with a damage over time effect+5% chance for 1 azoth when harvesting
100 +10% damage to light and heavy elemental attacks+50 encumbrance
150 +10% to elemental damage-10% weight of harvested items
200 +10 mana on critical hit+20% harvest speed
250 +30% duration to applied damage over time effects+10% yield increase when harvesting
300 +7% damage to targets below 50% health25% reduction in Azoth travel cost
350 +10% ability damage+10% chance at finding rare items while harvesting
25 +5% ability cooldown reduction+5% chance to catch larger fish
50 10% incoming healing+3% fishing cast distance
100 +20 max mana and mana regen rate+50 encumbrance
150 +20% outgoing healing effectiveness-10% in carry weight of fish
200 +20% buff duration+15% chance to catch larger fish
250 Kills and group kills grant stacks of blessed, increasing outgoing healing by 1% per stack for 20s. Personal kills grant 2 stacks, group AI kills grant 1 stack. (Max 15 stacks)+20% chance to catch larger fish
300 Grant 20% fortify for 10s when healing allies while your mana is at or above 50%. (60s cooldown on each ally)10% cooldown reduction for Inn fast travel
350 Reduce ability cooldowns by 20% of their max durations upon activating a heartrune ability+10% chance at finding rare items while fishing
25 All health consumables are 10% stronger+10% Logging speed
50 +10% physical armor when at or above 50% health10% reduction on durability loss for tools
100 Increase max health by 10%+50 encumbrance
150 -10% to critical damage taken-10% weight of logging items
200 +10% increase to physical and elemental armor+20% Logging speed
250 -60% damage reduction when full health (30s cooldown)+10% yield increase when logging
300 Basic melee attacks gain GRIT25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing
350 +10% damage reduction while you have active grit+10% chance at finding rare items while logging