Name Description Weapon Skill Tree Type
Power Shot Overload your musket with gun powder, causing the next shot to deal 160% weapon damage, and an additional 30% to hostile AI targets. (Does not stack with Powder Burn.) Musket Sharpshooter Active
Initial Engagement When you hit with Power Shot, gain empower, increasing damage by 10% for 5s. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
First Blood Power Shot deals 10% additional damage to targets with full health. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Bullseye Power Shot headshots reduce Power Shot's cooldown by 15%. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Powder Burn Overload your musket with gun powder, causing the next shot to deal 110% weapon damage and inflict a burn that deals 20% weapon damage per second for 9s. (Does not stack with Power Shot.) Musket Sharpshooter Active
Backdraft Standard musket shots deal 12% additional damage if they hit a burning target. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Chronic Trauma If Powder Burn is a headshot, the burn duration is extended by 4s. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Shooter's Stance Player enters a crouching aim stance to enhance shooting performance. While in this stance, shots deal 100% weapon damage, mobility is reduced to zero and reload time is reduced by 75%. Shooter's Stance ends after 3 shots. (Power shot and powder burn can be used while inside shooter's stance.) Musket Sharpshooter Active
Shoot More Shots fired before exiting stance increased to 5. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Marksman If 3 consecutive shots hit the same target, reduce all other musket cooldowns by 25%. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Critical Reload Landing 2 headshots within 5s of each other reduces the duration of the next reload. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Called Shot Increase musket damage by 10% after aiming down sights for more than 2s. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Quick Load If 2 or more targets are hit with a single shot, reduce the duration of the next reload. (4s cooldown) Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Empowering Headshot On a successful headshot, gain empower, increasing damage dealt by 10% for 5s. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Shell Shock Headshots weaken targets, decreasing their damage by 10% for 4s. (8s cooldown) Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Called Shot Resupply Basic attack headshots reduce all musket ability cooldowns by 10%. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Optimal Range Musket shots deal 10% increased base damage to targets 20m or further away from the player. Also deal 5% increased damage to targets within 50m. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Heightened Precision Successful hits with a musket grant a stackable 2.5% damage increase. This effect ends after more than 5s passes between shots. (Max 6 stacks.) Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Deadeye Grants a 15% damage increase to all headshots. If multiple targets are hit when you get a headshot, the next shot within 3s inflicts bleed to all targets the shot passes through, dealing 15% weapon damage every second for 5s. Musket Sharpshooter Passive
Traps Deploy a trap that lasts for 30s. When triggered, it deals 25% weapon damage and causes its target to be rooted, immobilizing them for 3s. Musket Trapper Active
Trapped Damage Traps apply rend to targets that trigger them, increasing damage taken by 20% for 3s. Musket Trapper Passive
Scent of Blood Dealing damage to a trapped target heals you for 100% of weapon damage dealt. Musket Trapper Passive
Double Trap Gain an extra trap per cooldown, allowing 2 active traps to be placed in the world. Musket Trapper Passive
Sticky Bomb Throw a short range bomb that sticks to anything it makes contact with. Detonation will occur 3s after impact dealing 210% weapon damage to all targets within a 3m radius. Musket Trapper Active
Unflinching Walk Sticky Bomb grants the player 40 stamina when it deals damage with an explosion. Musket Trapper Passive
Sticky Slow Direct hits with the Sticky Bomb cause the target to be slowed by 15% for 3s. (Slow reduces target's movement speed.) Musket Trapper Passive
Stopping Power A Powerful shot that deals 90% weapon damage, staggering the target and knocking back 3m. (Can be fired from hip or while aiming down sights.) Musket Trapper Active
Lasting Impression Targets hit with Stopping Power are exhausted, reducing their stamina regeneration speed by 10% for 8s. Musket Trapper Passive
Supplementary Repulsion Targets hit with Stopping Power are slowed by 10% for 8s. (Slow reduces target's movement speed.) Musket Trapper Passive
Salt On The Wounds Deal 10% increased damage to targets below 30% health. Musket Trapper Passive
Back It Up Walking/Strafing movement speed increased by 10% when an enemy is within 8m of player. Musket Trapper Passive
Weakened Defense Increases the stamina damage from standard shots dealt to enemies blocking with shields by 50%. Increases armor penetration against targets that are not blocking with a shield by 10%. Musket Trapper Passive
Empowering Weakness Hitting a target with an active debuff grants empower, increasing your damage by 5% for 5s. Musket Trapper Passive
Hustle After a dodge, gain a 10% haste for 3s. (Haste increases movement speed.) Musket Trapper Passive
Tactical Reload Dodging reloads the musket. (Can only trigger once every 6s.) Musket Trapper Passive
Energy Burst Attacking a target with an active debuff restores 5 stamina. Musket Trapper Passive
Kick 'em When They're Down Deal 10% extra damage to targets with an active crowd control status effect. (Slow, Root, Stun.) Musket Trapper Passive
Lethal Combo Increase musket damage by 20% against targets affected by Trapper tree debuffs. Musket Trapper Passive