Name Description Tier Item
PerkId_Mount_EncumbranceMod2 PerkId_Mount_EncumbranceMod
PerkId_Mount_EncumbranceMod3 PerkId_Mount_EncumbranceMod
Savior Healing is increased by 20% when you heal a target below 50% health.
Purifying Breeze Heal for 33% weapon damage every time you remove a debuff from an ally.
Desperate Prayer When you are below 50% mana your heals are 20% more effective.
Desperate Empower +12% damage when you are exhausted.
Alchemist Reprieve Improves the healing from potions by 10%.
Refreshing Recovery When your health drops below 50% all your active abilities cooldowns are reset (90s cooldown).
Empowering Toast On Potion Drink: Gain 10% Empower for 8s (10s cooldown).
Fortifying Toast On Potion Drink: Gain 20% Fortify for 8s (10s cooldown).
Healing Heart On Heartrune: Heal for 10% your max health.
Healing Breeze On Heal with Ability: For 6s heal target for 14% weapon damage each second (10s cooldown).
Purifying When you remove a debuff from an ally heal for 20% weapon damage.
Purifying Heart On Heartrune: Lose all debuffs.
Health +2.4% max health.
Enchanted Ward -4% damage from light and heavy attacks.
Grit Ward -3% damage while under the effects of grit.
Slash Conditioning +5% Slash Damage Absorption for 5s after taking Slash damage (Each item with this perk stacks).
Thrust Conditioning +5% Thrust Damage Absorption for 5s after taking Thrust damage (Each item with this perk stacks).
Strike Conditioning +5% Strike Damage Absorption for 5s after taking Strike damage (Each item with this perk stacks).
Fire Harnessing +2% fire damage.
Ice Harnessing +2% ice damage.
Lightning Harnessing +2% lightning damage.
Void Harnessing +2% void damage.
Nature Harnessing +2% nature damage.
Arcane Harnessing +2% arcane damage.
Healing Defense On Block: Heal for 3% base health (3s cooldown).
Counter Attack On Block: Gain a 30% Empower for 4s.
Town Loyality Increase territory standing by 15%.
Shield Aggression +5% base damage.
Refreshing Defense Gain -5% cooldown reduction.
Shield Defense 5% damage reduction.
Jagged Spikes When you are hit or block a hit from a melee attack, inflict bleed on your attacker dealing 10% of your weapon damage every second for 6s (2s cooldown).
Refreshing Cleanse Cooldowns reduced by 5%. On block: Lose one debuff.
Shield Wall Gain 5% base damage reduction You cannot dodge, but have 33% more stamina. (While active or sheathed)
Jagged Whirls Whirling Blade inflicts bleed, dealing 10% weapon damage for 6s.
Spark Mighty Gavel causes a lightning strike that inflicts a 30% weaken for 7s.
Abyss Deal 15% more damage when mana is below 100%
Bolt Basic attacks build up stacks of static charge lasting 3s. Hitting with bow lightning damage at 3 stacks will consume the charges and trigger a bolt of lightning, dealing 80% damage.
Chromatic Ward You take 25% less damage from all elemental sources.
Hellfire's Fury +20% damage when you hit a target within 15m.
@PerkID_Artifact_Set1_SpearPerk_Name @PerkID_Artifact_Set1_SpearPerk_Desc
Icey Pain +15% damage against rooted or frozen targets
@PerkID_Artifact_Set1_VoidPerk_Name @PerkID_Artifact_Set1_VoidPerk_Desc
Pest 8% damage against poisoned and diseased targets.
Odo's Defense On Block: Heal for 5% base health (3s cooldown).
Defile Deals 2% more damage per debuff on a target. (5 stacks max)
Endless Spin Whirlwind no longer needs to hit targets to continue spins, and can spin up to 12 times
Rabbits Revenge Not even Stanley can withstand the corruptive power of this weapon.