Name Description Tier Item
PerkId_Mount_EncumbranceMod2 PerkId_Mount_EncumbranceMod
PerkId_Mount_EncumbranceMod3 PerkId_Mount_EncumbranceMod
Savior Healing is increased by 20% when you heal a target below 50% health.
Purifying Breeze Heal for 33% weapon damage every time you remove a debuff from an ally.
Desperate Prayer When you are below 50% mana your heals are 20% more effective.
Desperate Empower +12% damage when you are exhausted.
Alchemist Reprieve Improves the healing from potions by 10%
Refreshing Recovery When your health drops below 50% all your active abilities cooldowns are reset. (90s cooldown.)
Empowering Toast On Potion Drink: gain 10% Empower for 4s. (5s cooldown)
Fortifying Toast On Potion Drink: gain 20% Fortify for 3s. (5s cooldown)
Healing Heart On Heartrune: Heal for 10% your max health.
Healing Breeze On Heal: for 6s heal target for 20% weapon damage each second. (10s cooldown)
Purifying When you remove a debuff from an ally heal for 20% weapon damage
Purifying Heart On Heartrune: lose all debuffs.
Health +2.4% max health.
Enchanted Ward -4% damage from light and heavy attacks.
Grit Ward -3% damage while under the effects of grit
Slash Conditioning +5% Slash Damage Absorption for 5s after taking Slash damage (Each item with this perk stacks).
Thrust Conditioning +5% Thrust Damage Absorption for 5s after taking Thrust damage (Each item with this perk stacks).
Strike Conditioning +5% Strike Damage Absorption for 5s after taking Strike damage (Each item with this perk stacks).
Fire Harnessing you deal +2% fire damage
Ice Harnessing you deal +2% ice damage
Lightning Harnessing you deal +2% lightning damage
Void Harnessing you deal +2% void damage
Nature Harnessing you deal +2% nature damage
Arcane Harnessing you deal +2% arcane damage
Healing Defense On Block: heal for 3% base max health. (3s cooldown)
Counter Attack On Block: gain a 30% Empower for 4s..
Town Loyality Increase territory standing by 15%.
Shield Aggression +5% base damage.
Refreshing Defense Gain -5% cooldown reduction.
Shield Defense -5% damage reduction.
Refreshing Cleanse Cooldowns reduced by 5% On block: lose one debuff.
Shield Wall Gain 5% base damage reduction You cannot dodge, but have 33% more stamina.
Jagged Whirls Whirling Blade inflicts bleed, dealing 10% weapon damage for 6s
Spark Mighty Gravel causes a lightning strike that inflicts a 30% weaken for 7s.
Abyss Deal 15% more damage when mana is below 100%
Chromatic Ward You take 25% less damage from all elemental sources.
Hellfire's Fury +20% damage when you hit a target within 8m.
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@PerkID_Artifact_Set1_VoidPerk_Name @PerkID_Artifact_Set1_VoidPerk_Desc
Pest 8% damage against poisoned and diseased targets.
Odo's Defense On Block: heal for 5% base health. (3s cooldown )