Massive Turkey Leg

Legendary Consumable Tier V
Attribution Nightveil Hallow 2022

The leg of a monstrous, murderous turkey. Its deliciousness has surely been amplified by its size and the rage of the bird it came from. Use this to cook a Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner!

Grants Effects
Recovering Recover 20 health per second for 10 seconds. This recovery stops if damage is taken. Effect ID: EatRawFood Duration: 10s Categories: FoodInitialRecovery Food Max Stack: Doesn't stack 1 Modifiers
  • Restores 20 health every 1s
Tier V 0.2 Weight Max Stack: 10000 Ingredient Types: Tier 5 Meats, Raw Meats, Raw Foods, Tier 5 Raw Foods
Crafting material Used as crafting material
Acquisition Source


Drop Quantity Limit: 5

Time Between Drops: 0

Limit Expiration: 1d