Daily Gypsum Drop-Rates: Which Ones Are Easiest to Obtain and How Long Does It Take?

Lets take a look at how exactly to get your daily Gypsum.

With the latest December Update Patch, new systems centered around gear progression have been added to the game. The Gypsum Orb is a new type of crafting material you can use to make Gypsum Casts which guarantee an expertise level-up in any gear slot of your choice. You can obtain enough Gypsum fragments to craft up to eight of these orbs per day, making them incredibly powerful for progressing your character.

AGS outlined the general requirements for obtaining the various types of Gypsum fragments in the world in the update patch notes, but in this post I will be diving into the nitty-gritty: The specifics on what, exactly, the drop rate and requirements are for each one. I will also be giving rough estimates for how long it should take to farm each type so that you know what you're getting into and can plan Gypsum farming properly into your play sessions.

How to Get Gypsum

Ruby Gypsum

Ruby Gypsum is obtained after completing a full Outpost Rush match. You need 2 Ruby Gypsum to craft a Gypsum orb, and it is a 100% guaranteed drop. That means it's as simple as playing two Outpost Rush matches. An average Outpost Rush match lasts around 25-30 minutes, so getting your daily Ruby Gypsum will take around an hour. Outpost Rush is also a reasonably efficient way of earning gold and Azoth ,and the chest reward has a chance of increasing expertise as well, so this is a very easy Gypsum orb to get if you like PvP (but if you hate it, you may not want to dedicate up to an hour for one Gypsum orb.)

Obsidian, Topaz, and Citrine Gypsum

These three Gypsum types are grouped together because you can farm them all at the same time!

Obsidian Gypsum is an 80% drop from any Named Elite level 60+ enemy when they drop a bag, and you need three to craft a Gypsum Orb. You can get unlucky, but in general you should only have to kill 4 Named Elites on average to get your daily allotment. Obsidian Gypsum can generally only drop from open world Named enemies in elite zones (so not Fay, for example.) You can find a full list of elligible enemies here under the "dropped by" tab. It also has a 10-13 minute cooldown on dropping, so sitting and farming the same enemy four times in a row won't work. It will take around 40 minutes to get enough Obsidian Gypsum because of the cooldown.

Topaz Gypsum can be dropped from any level 55+ creature while you have the Topaz Gypsum Attunement Potion buff (it lasts one hour.) You need 10 Topaz Gypsum to craft a Gypsum Orb, and it has a 75% drop chance. Most normal creatures only drop a bag around every 10 kills, so you need to kill upwards of 100-200 enemies on average to get all ten Topaz Gypsum. Killing Named enemies that guarantee bag drops will dramatically reduce this number (because they can drop Topaz Gypsum too.) It has a one to three minute cooldown between drops, so you can't just farm a whole pile of enemies all at once. This Gypsum will take you at least 30 minutes to farm off cooldown alone, but more likely around 40 minutes.

Do note that your Gypsum Limit counter goes up on drop, not on pickup, so if you miss a bag it's impossible to hit ten. So don't miss any purple bags!

Citrine Gypsum is obtained as a 100% guaranteed drop after killing an Arena Boss, and you just need one to craft an orb. Most arenas, like the Siren Arena for example, are placed at the end of large Elite areas. These Elite areas contain multiple Named Elite Creatures and many regular elites, meaning you can do an Arena run and get Obsidian, Topaz, and Citrine Gypsum all at once. Party strength will be the main factor in how quickly you clear to the boss, but 20-30 minutes is very doable for a group that comes prepared and knowing what to do.

You will need to stick around a bit longer to finish farming all the Obsidian and Topaz Gypsum you'll need from the run, because of their minimum drop cooldowns. Just farm some of the Named Elites a few extra times before leaving and you'll end the run with your daily requirement of Obsisian, Topaz, and Citrine Gypsum!

Citrine Gypsum is currently letting you acquire more than the limit per day. This might be unintended, but that's how it works for now.

Sapphire Gypsum

Sapphire Gypsum is a 100% guaranteed dropped from the final boss of Genesis or Lazarus Instrumentality, and you only need one to make a Gypsum orb. Doing a Genesis or Lazarus Expedition run will fulfill the requirement automatically.

Time to clear an Expedition varies with the strength of your party, but a somewhat experienced party that isn't wiping on bosses will clear it in around 30 minutes. A veteran party with full consumables, rends, buffs speed-running the dungeon can clear it in 15-20 minutes.

Sapphire Gypsum, like Citrine Gypsum, can currently be dropped twice per day despite needing just one to craft a Gypsum Orb.  

Amethyst Gypsum

Amethyst Gypsum comes from level 60+ Major and Minor Breaches. It's a 50% drop from minor breaches and a 100% drop from major breaches. You need seven of Amethyst Gypsum to craft a Gypsum Orb. Each Breach "cluster" has 4-5 minors and 1 major (Shattered Mountain has 7 minors per major.) On average, clearing 3 clusters should get everyone in the party their full seven. Get together a group and sweep a zone of 60+ breaches. This could take a while, 40 minutes up to potentially an hour depending on your party. Fortunately you'll be farming corrupted fragments at the same time, which are required for expeditions (to get Saphhire Gypsum.)

Emerald Gypsum

Emerald Gypsum is dropped every time you hit a Trade-Skill Aptitude Level notch. You can check out our Trade Skill Aptitude guide for more details on the rewards. The experience required is ballpark-around the amount of experience required to level the trade skill from 197->200 (Except Skinning, which is giga-increased and takes a ton of exp.) While the Aptitude crafting professions take materials to the point of not really being "daily farmable", the Gathering and Refining Skill Aptitude marks are not very hard to hit. It will only take you gathering around 20 T5 nodes (eg Ironwood, Orichalcum, Wirefiber) to get your Emerald Gypsum for the day, which depending on competition from other players could take as little as 10 minutes up to 30 minutes. Alternatively, it takes just 80-100 T5 refining crafts (Orichalcum, Infused Leather, etc.) to hit an attunement notch. You will get this pretty naturally by just doing your daily refining cooldowns.

Diamond Gypsum

Diamond Gypsum is a special event Gypsum, and you need three to craft an orb. They are a 100% guaranteed drop from all Town Christmas Trees from the December Christmas Event. Just go around to three different towns and pick presents from the tree. It takes only a couple of minutes, and you'll probably just get it through natural gameplay anyway. Consider this a freebie from the event!


  • Ruby Gypsum x2 (Outpost Rush) — 50-60 minutes.  Guaranteed drop from Outpost Rush.
  • Obsidian Gypsum x3 (60+ Named) — 10-15 minutes. 80% drop from Named Elites. Can be farmed at the same time as Topaz and Citrine,
  • Topaz Gypsum x10 (Mob Grind) — ~40 minutes. drink potion and kill lots of level 55+ enemies. Can be farmed at the same time as Obsidian and Citrine
  • Citrine Gypsum x1 (Arena) — 20-30 minutes. You get one by completing the arena.
  • Amethyst Gypsum x7 (Breach) — 40-60 minutes. 50% drop off minor, 100% drop off major level 60+ Breaches.
  • Sapphire Gypsum x1 — 20-30 minutes. 100% drop from Genesis and Lazarus bosses.
  • Emerald Gypsum x1 (Aptitude) — 10-30 minutes. One for every 1/3 of an Aptitude Level. Hit Ironwood/Orichalcum/Wirefiber
  • Diamond Gypsum x3 (Winter Event) — 1-2 minutes. 100% drop from Christmas Event Town Trees.

The most efficient way to farm daily Gypsum is to complete an Arena run. It only takes around 40 minutes for 3 Gypsum Orbs. Other than that, you can spend an extra two hours earning two more orbs from Breaches and Outpost Rush. Of course, don't forget the free Gypsum Orb you get from just interacting with the Town Christmas Trees every day!

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