Obsidian Gypsum

Epic Resource Tier V

A soft, easily sculptable mineral. Refine 3 of these into a Gypsum Orb at a Gypsum Kiln. Awarded for defeating L60+ Open World Elite Bosses.

Bind On Pickup Tier V 0.1 Weight Max Stack: 10000
Crafting material Used as crafting material
Acquisition Source

You can obtain Obsidian Gypsum by defeating level 60+ open world named bosses, typically found in Elite Landmark.


Drop Quantity Limit: 3

Time Between Drops: 5m - 6m 30s

Limit Expiration: 18h

Note: the drop counts towards the limit as soon as it is on the ground (when a loot bag drops). If you do not pick it up, you will miss one gypsum until the limit expires.