New World Rafflebones Locations

Here's a quick overview of where you can find Rafflebones, the loot collector.

Rafflebones rummages around Aeternum for lost treasures and goods. He will spawn all around the map at various levels in every territory. When players encounter Rafflebones they will have 45 seconds to kill him in order to get rewards or else he’ll flee!


Players will always be awarded a named weapon. Additionally, level 60 players will be given Obsidian Gypsum on kill of any level Rafflebones. Rafflebones that are found in zones that go above level 60 will award level 60 players with 500x Depleted Umbral Shard.


Please note that Rafflebones will only spawn in a few locations at the same time, so don't expect to see him every 10 meters.

Low Level

The low level Rafflebones (Low Level) spawns pretty much all around the map. You're probably only gonna encounter this one randomly, as it's not really worth farming.

Low Level Rafflebones (Low Level) Locations

High Level

The high level version of Rafflebones (High Level) spawns only in Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater, Edengrove and Shattered Mountain.

High Level Rafflebones (High Level) Locations

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