New World Giant Turkey Boss Event and Luck Food

New World just dropped a new surprise event, and it involves a big turkey!

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Today's patch sneakly added a new world boss, Turkulon, Feathered Avenger of Death. Killing it gives you Massive Turkey Leg, which is an ingredient needed to craft Recipe: Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner.

Image courtesy of Vezzel from our Discord server

The food gives you a constitution and luck boost based on your level, with level 60 giving you 33 constitution and 5% luck. You can check the bonus for any level you want by going going to the Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner page.

It's currently unknown how the big guy made its way into the game since there was no mention in today's patch notes. Tosch, a community manager at New World, replied to a post on the forums with a message saying "THE REVENGE OF THE TURKEYS!" so, maybe this is actually the turkeys taking their revenge after Thanksgiving! Not quite sure that was a good idea from the turkeys though...

Players are reporting that the respawn time for Turkulon, Feathered Avenger of Death is around 3 hours. Here are some of the locations where you can find it:

MapGenie Link
MapGenie Link
MapGenie Link

For a full list of possible spawn locations, check out our Turkulon, Feathered Avenger of Death page.

If you want to see the boss in action, check out Sethphir's recent video.

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