How to Get The Orichalcum-Braced Storage Chest Schematic

Lets have a look at how to get the Orichalcum-Braced Storage Chest Schematic and how to increase your drop chance for it.

If you're looking to craft Golden Steel Storage Chest, you will first need Schematic: Golden Steel Storage Chest, which is one of the rarest items in the game. It drops from Elite Ancient Chests and Elite Supply Chests in level 50+ zones / points of interests, and the drop rate is extremely low.

Note: After the update on 16th December 2021, the schematic will also drop from Package of Specialized Furnishing Materials. The drop rate from is around 0.165%. When opening the box, you have a 25% chance to get 1-2 items (so 1.5 on average) out of a pool of 227 different schematics.

Drop Rate

According the the internal game data, without any luck, the drop rate is around 0.00023% and it is not influenced by luck.

While we don't know for sure if luck affects the loot tables involved in dropping this item, if we assume it does, a theoretical drop chance would be around 0.0195% (around 85x higher) with around 43% luck. That luck would come from 9x Pristine Pearl, 3x Major Loot Luck Trophy and 12x Luck perks.

Get Double Drop Rate

One thing we know for sure though, is that the loot table (loot bucket would be the technical term for this specific one) that contains the schematic, contains a total of 22 items, all with an equal chance - if you get lucky enough to reach the loot bucket, you will get one item at random.

Out of the 22 items, 11 can only drop in Ebonscale Reach. This is important because, it effectively gives you a 2x higher drop chance for Schematic: Golden Steel Storage Chest if you farm chests in level 50+ zones outside Ebonscale Reach, since half of the items from the loot bucket won't be eligible to drop.

Loot Table

Below you can find a table with the items dropped from that loot bucket, and their zone restrictions.

Item Zone
Short Black Porcelain Vase Ebonscale Reach
Short Cream Porcelain Vase Ebonscale Reach
Goldfish in Porcelain Bowl Ebonscale Reach
White Gold Place Setting Ebonscale Reach
Bonsai Centerpiece Ebonscale Reach
Tea Serving Set Ebonscale Reach
Tall Black Porcelain Vase Ebonscale Reach
Tall Cream Porcelain Vase Ebonscale Reach
Jade Painted Bamboo Blinds Ebonscale Reach
White Gold Brocade Drapes Ebonscale Reach
White Gold Brocade Valance Ebonscale Reach
Wooden Wall Torch Any Level 50+ Zone
Black-lacquered Helm Chandelier Any Level 50+ Zone
Captain Quicksilver's Lamp, Original Any Level 50+ Zone
Pirate Anchor Any Level 50+ Zone
Gothic Ragged Curtains Any Level 50+ Zone
Moderate Drinking Set Any Level 50+ Zone
Pirate Jewel Box Any Level 50+ Zone
Brass Telescope Any Level 50+ Zone
Flintlock Pistols Any Level 50+ Zone
Schematic: Rustic Wooden Scrollcase Any Level 50+ Zone
Schematic: Golden Steel Storage Chest Any Level 50+ Zone

Ending Note

All the guides I have written so far are short and focused on specific parts of the game, or of a system. While some people generally need a more step-by-step guide, I feel like it's often important to focus on the small bits, such as those mentioned in this article. I would love to hear your feedback on this kind of mini-guides in the comments below, or using the feedback button on the site!

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