Major Loot Luck Trophy

Legendary Housing Item Tier V

Large bonus to Luck when picking up loot and opening chests. A trophy that inspires you a lot when collecting the spoils of combat. Only works when placed in your home.

Grants Effects
HousingRollBonusGlobalT3 Effect ID: HousingRollBonusGlobalT3 Max Stack: Stacks 3 times 3 Modifiers
  • +150 GlobalRollMod — 1.5% chance at rare items from chests and monsters
Housing Points (WIP) PointModifier: 0 RankingPoints: 0.18 MaxPotentialPoints: 0.18 RankingPointsDuplicateLimit: 1 RankingPointsNegativeLimit: 2
Tier V 1.0 Weight
Can be crafted Can be crafted
Gives 1
Repair Parts
when salvaged.