How to Get Azoth Salt and PvP Exp in New World

Lets take a look at all the ways you can level up your PvP Rewards Track and get some Azoth Salt.

Values in this article are outdated so, consider this a work in progress.

Today's patch introduced the 3v3 Arenas and the new PvP Rewards Track. Long story short, you do PvP activities to level up the Rewards Track and earn Azoth Salt. Every third of a track level you get presented some random items that you can purchase with Azoth Salt. There's a bunch of items available in the track, including consumables, Depleted Umbral Shard and PvP specific gear, such as Bowman's Pride, Champion's Amulet and a lot more.

How to Get Azoth Salt and Exp


Arena rewards are based on how many rounds you win.

  1. 1 Round won - 100 Azoth Salt, 200 PvP XP.
  2. 2 Rounds won - 200 Azoth Salt, 300 PvP XP.
  3. Match won - 400 Azoth Salt, 750 PvP XP.
  4. 0 Rounds won - 100 PvP XP.

After 40 matches in 24 hours, the Azoth Salt and PvP XP rewards are reduced by 75%, to the following values:

  1. 1 Round won - 25 Azoth Salt, 50 PvP XP.
  2. 2 Rounds won - 50 Azoth Salt, 75 PvP XP.
  3. Match won - 100 Azoth Salt, 185 PvP XP.
  4. 0 Rounds won - 25 PvP XP.

Pvp Faction Missions

All PvP Faction Missions give you 300 Azoth Salt and 500 PvP XP.


You will get 500/1000/1500/2500 Azoth Salt and 1000/1500/2000/2500 PvP XP for a War, based on your performance (individual score).

Outpost Rush

The amount of Azoth Salt and PvP XP you get in an Outpost Rush match is based on your performance (individual score).

  • Tier 1 (Bad) - 0 Azoth Salt, 500 PvP XP (the xp might be bugged, it's likely you will get 0).
  • Tier 2 (Okay) - 1,000 Azoth Salt, 1,500 PvP XP.
  • Tier 3 (Good) - 1,500 Azoth Salt, 2,000 PvP XP.
  • Tier 4 (Top Tier) - 2,000 Azoth Salt, 2,500 PvP XP.

Losing the match will reward you with 1,000 Azoth Salt and 2,000 PvP XP.

Fort Takeover

You get 300 Azoth Salt and 1,000 PvP XP for capturing a fort.

Open World Pvp Kills

Open World PvP Kills are usually classified in 3 categories: Low, High and Extra High targets. This is based on the time elapsed since the target has flagged up.

  • Low - flagged for at least 10 minutes, 1 Azoth Salt and 1 PvP XP.
  • High - flagged for at least 33.3 minutes, 8 Azoth Salt and 16 PvP XP.
  • Extra High - flagged for at least 66.6 minutes, 16 Azoth Salt and 16 PvP XP.

Note: numbers for open world kills are actually multipliers, still working on figuring out the actual base numbers.

Gaining Exp While Flagged

You will get Azoth Salt for every 10,000 character experience that you gain while being PvP flagged. This does not apply in safe zones. The amount of Azoth Salt you get isn't static, it seems to be based on the time you've been flagged for. More data will be posted as it becomes available.

Intro Quest

You get 2,000 PvP XP for completing the Enter The Arena quest.

Healing Guide

Since we're on the PvP topic, if you enjoy healing, check out Baggins' new healing guide video that goes through all the changes to healing and new healing related items.

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