Hearty Meal

Consumable Common

Recover 220 health per second for 20 seconds. This recovery stops if damage is taken. Afterwards, recover 1% of your health every 2.5 seconds for 40 minutes.

Removes Effects Categories: Recovery, FoodInitialRecovery
Grants Effects Recovering Effect ID: FoodInitialRecoveryT5 Duration: 20s Categories: FoodInitialRecovery Max Stack: Doesn't stack 1 Modifiers
  • Restores 220 health every 1s
Well Fed Heal for 1% your max health every 2.5s Effect ID: FoodRecoveryT5 Duration: 40m Categories: Recovery Max Stack: Doesn't stack 1 Modifiers
  • Restores 1% health every 2.5s
Tier V 0.3 Weight Max Stack: 100 Requirement: Level 60 Crafted at Kitchen Tier 5, Camp Tier 5
Can be crafted Can be crafted
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