Cooked Cranberries

Common Consumable Tier I

For 20 minutes increase stamina regeneneration by 15%. Also grants Well Fed for 20 minutes.

Removes Effects Categories: Regen Recovery
Grants Effects
Cooked Cranberries Increases stamina regeneneration by 15%. Effect ID: FoodDefenseT1 Duration: 20m Categories: Regen FoodUtility Food Energized Max Stack: Doesn't stack 1 Modifiers
  • +15% Stamina Regeneneration
Well Fed Recover 1% of your health every 2.5 seconds for 20 minutes. Effect ID: FoodRecoveryT1 Duration: 20m Categories: Recovery PassiveFoodRegen FoodUtility Food Max Stack: Doesn't stack 1 Modifiers
  • Restores 1% health every 2.5s
Tier I 0.3 Weight Max Stack: 100 Crafted at Kitchen Tier 2
Can be crafted Can be crafted