Artifact Greatsword Tier V
Item Gear Score
75 Base Damage 7.0% Critical Hit Chance 1.25 Critical Damage Multiplier 62.0 Block Stamina Damage 62.0 Stagger Damage 34% Block Stability
221 slash Damage

A massive greatsword that brings a sense of calm amidst chaos, sweeping through battle with a serene yet devastating force.

Bind On Pickup Tier V Scales With: STR 81%, DEX 80% 8.5 Weight 3000 Durability
Gives 3.00
when salvaged.
Asmongold's Favorite

Zack approves of this great sword.

One Time Drop

You can only obtain this item once.

PvP Reward

Item can appear randomly on the PvP Rewards Track, on the following checkpoints:

Checkpoint 3
50,000 Azoth Salt
Requirement PvP Track Level 20+
Requirement Player Level 61+