Spirit of Oblivion

Rapier Legendary
Gear Score
61 Base Damage 5.0% Critical Hit Chance 1.4 Critical Damage Multiplier 32.0 Block Stamina Damage 32.0 Stagger Damage 15% Block Stability
160 thrust Damage

"Death is just the beginning."

Bind On Pickup Named Item Tier V Scales With: Dexterity 90%, Intelligence 65% 4.0 Weight 3000 Durability
Can be crafted Quest reward
Legendary Rarity Bug (?)

It seems that there is a bug with legendary tier 5 gear from quests which prevents them from having the last perk.

For random gear score items (500-600 for example), the game will remove the last perk if the item is not exactly 600 gear score, downgrading the item to epic, but quests mistakenly apply this limitation to fixed gear score items too.