Two Years of New World

Amazon Games Devs reflect on two years of 'New World'. Check out their journey through a series of recent interviews.

In a new post by Amazon Games, titled Devs Reflect on Two Years of ‘New World’, the New World team goes down the memory lane (hi Scot), sharing their journey.

“When I started on NW I was helping drive customer support. I started on New World during Alpha and it’s incredible to see how much the game has transformed since those days. Launch was one of the most rewarding and challenging times in my career – but when I did have time to play or watch streams, seeing the map come alive with companies taking over territories and go to war was so exciting. I especially loved watching players experience something for the first time in the game, like running into our massive alligators or finding creative ways to sneak up on players in open world PvP. My company actually owned First Light for much of Alpha and I still have nostalgia for that territory – but I’m looking forward to players seeing how it’s changed in the upcoming Rise of the Angry Earth expansion!”

— Rachel Barnum, Game Designer, Social, New World

We also have two recent interviews from my personal favorite, Massively OP, going through:

I'm not gonna waste your time with cherry picking quotes so, enjoy the read on their site. has a recent interview as well here going through storytelling, negative narratives about the game and being in sync with the community.

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