New World Leaderboards Sneak Peek

Lets take a quick look at the upcoming leaderboards.

Disclaimer: This is datamined content, so, things may change. We should see Leaderboards on PTR soon enough, most likely in a more complete version.

Mutated Expeditions

By Character

Leaderboard is split into Maximum Score and Clear Time (Gold only) categories.

Faction War

By Faction

Faction leaderboard only tracks the Days Governed for territories.

By Company

Company leaderboard tracks Days Governed, Governing Streak, Wins (total / attacker / defender).

By Character

Character leaderboard is more granular and track Score, Wins, Kills, KDR, Healing, Damage Done / Absorbed.


PvE leaderboard is only tracker by character and includes Invasions, Corrupted Breaches and Trials (comonly known as PvE arenas).


Includes Open World, Outpost Rush and 3v3 Arenas.

Open World

Tracker by Faction and Character. Includes Control Points Captured, Influence Earned and PvP Kills (only by character).

Outpost Rush

Only tracker by charater and includes Score, Wins, Kills, KDR, Healing, Resource Contribution and Damage, both dealt and absorbed.

3v3 Arenas

Includes Score, Wins, Win Loss Ratio, Kills, KDR, Healing and Damage dealt and absorbed.

Trade Skills

This track the amount of legendary items crafted and legendary fish caught.

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