New World Heavy Metal Cosmetics

Heavy Metal Cosmetics bundle sneak peak.

Here's a sneak peak at the work-in-progress Heavy Metal collection, which is part of the Summer Medleyfaire event. The following content is datamined so it's subject to change. The screenshots will present the costumes in a bundle in the store, but that's not gonna be how they will appear on release. Some of the items might be released as Prime Gaming exclusives.

Devil Went down to Aeternum

Proof you've outsmarted the devil himself in a fiddle play-off.

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Horned Hero

Be the diehard hero of the Medleyfaire with this intimidating style.

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Spiked Shredder

Because you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore.

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Critic's Choice

Slash your way through the naysayers of your musical talents.

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Sour Note

Wail and shred on your enemies with this guitar-inspired ax.

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For setting stages and crowds ablaze.

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Darkness Incarnate

There is no metal heavier than this.

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Is that the low, discordant note of a bass or a blast of shrapnel in your enemy's side?

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Star-Studded Defense

The stud eyes of the skull emblazoned on the front burn with fiery vengeance.

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(screenshot coming later)

Instruments and Tools

Those are coming too! I just didn't get the chance to go through every single cosmetic from the Heavy Metal collection.

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