Call of the Wilds Twitch Drops

Ride mounts through the lush greenery of Elysian Wilds or follow your favorite streamers in the Call of the Wilds event on Twitch.

Greetings, Adventurers!

Answer the Call of the Wilds on October 3 for a week-long celebration of our first expansion, the Rise of the Angry Earth. Each day we’ll explore a new feature through the eyes of your favorite Twitch streamers. Check out Mount Races, discover Flail builds, tame the Savage Divide, search the Elysian Wilds, and watch a massive open world fight for event-specific Twitch Drops. How will you answer the call?


Whether you tune in to watch your favorite personality (BagginsTV and JayOddity are my picks) or to learn more about a new feature that interests you, this selection of Twitch streamers offers something for every type of player. Look forward to tips, insight, and memorable moments during the following segments:

  • Tuesday (10/3): Mount Race
  • Wednesday (10/4): Flail Build Bonanza
  • Thursday (10/5): Elysian World Tours
  • Friday (10/6): Savage Divide runs
  • Saturday (10/7): Territory Takedown
  • Sunday (10/8) to Tuesday (10/10): Creator’s Choice

Twitch Drops

Check out the Call of the Wilds for unique Twitch Drops like a Flail skin and custom Mount Flag Attachment. Each day we will add additional drops until everything is available on day 5. Watch your favorite participating content creator before October 10 to claim yours!

“By root and by branch, by bramble and thorn, to defense of these lands you now have been sworn.“

1hflailmossbornet5.png (512×256)
Call of the Wilds Flail Skin

If you haven’t done so already, make sure your Twitch account is linked to your Amazon Games and Steam accounts. You can find the steps you need to follow on our Twitch Drops page or here. Twitch Drops can only be claimed once per account.

For more details on Rise of the Angry Earth, check out our full breakdown, Mount showcase, Flail showcase, and Savage Divide deep dive. You can also view our guide to make the most of your New World experience. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.

New World Update 3.0.1
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