The Ultimate New World Mage Build and Guide for PvE

​In this guide, you will find the best mage builds and all the key information for mages in PvE, from explanations of weapon choices to skill trees for each load out, plus guidance on everything from necessary gems to playstyle tips to ideal armor and, if applicable, where to farm each piece.

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All information is based on the latest version of New World, and is accurate for the Brimstone Sands update.

‌weapon Choices

Whilst there are a wide variety of Mage builds being run in New World, in this guide we're going to keep it concise and focus on the following weapons: Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, and Void Gauntlet.

Using a combination of any two of these weapons alongside having a majority of your stats put into intelligence will effectively make you a "mage" in New World.

If you're struggling on which two weapons to go with, here's a simple breakdown of what each weapons provides to your group:

  • Fire Staff is a pure damage weapon, especially good against the Angry Earth.
  • Ice Gauntlet is good for high damage with some Slows, Roots and Rend.
  • Void Gauntlet offers high damage along with Root, Rend, Empower and Weaken capabilities. It is highly recommended to have a Void Gauntlet user on any team for mutations etc.


You will want 310 Intelligence + 200 Constitution. This will be the attribute ratio we use for any combination of Mage weapons in this guide. You may wish to take points out of Constitution and put them into Intelligence to do more damage, but do so at your own risk!

In order to reach the 300/200 stat threshold, you will need to use Attribute Food. The best (and cheapest) Tier V attribute food you can get is [item_foodintcont5] for an extra +24 Intelligence and +16 Constitution. Pork Belly Rice may also be available for cheap on your server.

Weapon Skills

Check out the Ability Rotation section for information on these skill trees, including how to cycle Fireball, Ice Spikes etc.

Fire Staff Build

Ice Gauntlet Build

Void Gauntlet Builds

Standard Build

Anti-Heal Build

Popular when fighting enemies that heal, and in nature mutations.

Equip Load​

For any Mage PVE build, we will be using Light Equip Load, as it boosts our damage by 20% and gives us access to the very powerful Dodge Roll. To achieve this we will be using a Light Helm, Light Gloves, Light Legs, Light Boots and a Medium Chest. This maximizes our armor rating whilst still keeping us in a "Light Load".

Perks to Aim For

Weapon Perks

Fire Staff

Flame Attunement + Bane Perk + Vicious

You can replace Elemental Attunement with Keen if needed, but Flame Attunement is very strong and should be your end goal.

Ice Gauntlet

Frost Attunement + Bane Perk + Vicious

For more support, you can replace Frost Attunement with Refreshing Move, as Frost Attunement does not trigger on Ice Storm or Ice Shower.

Void Gauntlet

Enchanted + Bane Perk + Abyssal Attunement

Abyssal Attunement can be replaced with Vicious or Keen if needed, but Abyssal Attunement is very strong and should be your end goal. Enchanted is chosen for the Void Gauntlet as most of our damage comes from the Void Blade ability.

Note: I'm recommending the same elemental attunement as the weapon's damage type to work with mutations. For example, if we put Frost Attunement in our Fire Staff, it would be much weaker during Frost Mutations.

Gear Perks


On your armor, you are looking for a relevant Ward Perk and any combination of the following perks: Relevant Ability Perks, Refreshing, Physical Aversion, Elemental Aversion, Shirking Fortification, Refreshing Evasion, or Invigorated.


Your Amulet should have Health and a relevant Protection Perk (such as Frozen Protection for Frost Mutations), plus any of the following perks: Refreshing, Refreshing Evasion, Stamina Recovery, Empowered, Fortified, or Purify.


For your Ring, Best-in-Slot is Hearty and Ice Damage / Fire Damage / Void Damage, alongside any of the following perks: Refreshing, Refreshing Evasion, Leeching, or Keen Awareness.


Best-in-slot for your Earring is Refreshing Toast plus Healthy Toast, and your choice of Refreshing, Refreshing Evasion or Regenerating.

Ability Perks

Due to the perk spaces being entirely occupied by the necessary Bane, Vicious, Keen and Attunement perks on our weapons, it's not advised to run any ability perks on the weapons themselves, as it will generally lower your damage. One exception to this is Putrefying Scream on your Void Gauntlet, as this does provide a huge amount of disease to combat Nature Mutations.

For the remaining perks, you will want to get as many of these on your armor as possible. Below is a list of ability perks from most important to least important, make sure you have at least a couple of these for the relevant weapons they belong to:

Best Drops to Farm​


The Magician's Tempestuous Weapons Stash contains Mage weapons which have Corrupted Bane, Keen and a Chain Elemental Perk. Whilst not ideal, these weapons can be good to get you started on farming corrupted dungeons to earn Umbral Shards and other, better drops.

However, make sure to open your caches only after you are 590+ gear score in your weapon slots in order to ensure a viable drop.

Fire Staves

Outside of farming for random drops in the relevant mutation, getting Attunement on your weapon will require you to buy or craft it.

Firevine Battlestaff is a good all-rounder for bringing into any dungeon, but eventually you will want to acquire a Elemental Attunement + Bane Perk staff, but this will work well in the meantime.

Ice Gauntlets

As with the Fire Staff, we will need to buy or craft Frost Attunement for the Ice Gauntlet to achieve BiS.

Until then, Ever Giving is a strong pick-up that you can use for any Ice Gauntlet related build, and works in both PvE and PvP.

Void Gauntlets

Scourge of the Depths is close to BiS for Nature Mutation weeks and fighting any other enemies that use healing abilities.


Collecting a full set of the Wizened will give you a good baseline set to use in most PVE scenarios. Whilst it does use a great set of perks per piece, it does not have any Ward or Ability Perks so you will be looking to upgrade to pieces listed below for the relevant dungeon you are running, such as Tempest being Corrupted Ward, Lazarus being Ancient Ward, etc.

For Corrupted Ward, the Spectral Tempestuous set is an amazing set to run in Corrupted Expeditions both normal and mutated. I highly recommend running the quest chain needed to get the Caches which contain it. Again, do not open these until you are 590+ gear score.

For Angry Earth Ward, the Harbinger set has a great set of perks to get you started on farming Mutated Garden of Genesis as a mage. The set does not have Ability Perks however, and you will want to find a Medium Chestpiece, such as Siren's Chestwrap, to complete this build.

For Ancient Ward, Fletched Boots of the Augur and Cowl of the Augur are good starting pieces for a Mage Ancient Ward set, but you will likely be buying/crafting most of this set to get the relevant ability perks you need.

Unfortunately, there are currently no reliable drops of Lost Ward gear suitable for mages in the game outside of high level mutations, so you will likely need to buy or craft this.


The Last Prophecy provides cooldown reduction and can also extend the duration of Keenly Empowered, if you're using the perk.

Soul of Myrkgard is an Amulet that works especially well in Nature Mutations due to its Nature Protection perk.


Band of Ocean's Oath is a great fit for the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet build.

Band of Daemon Dusk is a good all-rounder and will slot nicely into any mage PvE build.


As mentioned in the perks section, your best earring will have Refreshing Toast, Healthy Toast, and one of the listed perks.

There are no named items that drop with this criteria, but here are some you can go for if you can't afford one from the Trading Post:

Teardrop is a reasonable earring to equip though we won't see much use out of Refreshing Ward unless we're in deep with Void Blade.

Myrkgard's Earring has Refreshing Toast and Refreshing Evasion, with a chance that the 3rd perk will roll as Healthy Toast when dropped at 600GS.


Brutal Heartrune of Detonate will be our go-to Heartrune of choice for Mage DPS and in general any DPS build. You can maximize efficiency by activating this rune whilst you're going in close to the enemy to use Flamethrower or Void Blade, drop an Ice Shower, or land a Putrefying Scream.


A Cut Pristine Opal is the go to socket for Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff and Void Gauntlet as they allow you to very simply increase your damage by 15% after dodging.

Elemental Conversion gems such as a Cut Flawed Aquamarine will give you a larger increase in overall damage due to the huge intelligence scaling they provide (see General Playstyle section), but by converting our damage we run the risk of playing negatively into a Mutations Element Absorption (Frost Mutations reduce incoming Frost damage by 50%!).

Note: To min-max, you may look to change your Fire Staff and Void Gauntlet gem to a Cut Flawed Sapphire as there is currently no Arcane Mutation, but beware that this will make Fire Staff less effective versus Angry Earth (they take more damage from Fire, so converting your damage weakens you), and Void Gauntlet less effective against Ancients.
You do not want to use a conversion gem in your Ice Gauntlet as this will lower your overall Ice Damage, weakening the effect of Ultimate Chill.

In your armor and jewelry, the best all-round gems to socket will be Cut Pristine Diamond and Cut Pristine Malachite as they provide both Physical and Elemental Damage Absorption, covering you against all types of enemy weapons.

For most standard expeditions this will cover you well, but as you move into Mutated Expeditions you will want to start using gems that reduce your damage vs the specific element of the mutation, such as Ruby for Fire Mutations. My advice for specifically taking on Mutations is to socket 3 Cut Pristine Opal into your armor and 2 Cut Pristine Ruby, Cut Pristine Aquamarine, Cut Pristine Amethyst, etc, depending on the mutation you're going into.

Your jewelry gems can be left as Malachite and Diamond however, as you still want to have some physical damage absorption.


With Runeglass Gems in your weapons, my recommendation is to keep it simple and upgrade the Opal gems to their Runeglass equivalent, using the Element that corresponds to your weapon. So, this means that for a Fire Staff you would want a Runeglass of Ignited Opal, for Ice Gauntlet a Runeglass of Frozen Opal, and for Void Gauntlet a Runeglass of Abyssal Opal.

Due to the constantly changing cycle of weekly mutations, I think it is currently too expensive to rotate Runeglass armor gems for every fight that you face, and there is no "one size fits all", so I'd recommend just sticking to the rules outlined in Normal Gems (for your armor).

However, if you really wanted to go all out, you could socket a full set of Runeglass of Ignited Opal into your armor for the 10% total extra fire damage this gives you. Because they are Opal you will still have some elemental damage absorption, but this set will obviously need to be recreated for your Ancient Ward armor, Lost Ward armor, etc, and also will not be viable to use during Fire Mutations.

Tips for Mages

Playstyle Tips

With all weapons, try to keep your stamina under max by dodging every few seconds, so you can keep your Opal gem damage boost active.

Ability Rotation

Fire Staff

Your priorities for the Fire Staff will be to keep Fireball and Incinerate on cooldown whenever possible, and then activate Flamethrower. You may wish to take an extra point into Flamethrower to remove its cooldown, in which case you will remove the point from Watch it Burn.

If the fight demands staying at range, prioritize doing Heavy Attacks as these activate more passives from your skill tree.

Ice Gauntlet demands a bit more skill due to the existence of Ultimate Chill.

Generally, you will open with Ice Storm to activate Ultimate Chill, Ice Shower (if you can, requires melee) to apply the rend from Frigid Showers, and then spam light attacks until the enemy is low enough to get a killing blow with Ice Spikes (if you're using Empowered Ice Spike).

If not using the Iced Refresh perk or fighting a boss enemy, use Ice Spike on cooldown, though ideally after you've hit the enemy with a Ice Storm and/or Ice Shower.

Void Gauntlet

The Void Gauntlet is more straightforward in its priorities: keep Oblivion down on your team as much as possible, then activate Void Blade and finally Petrifying Scream or Orb of Decay depending on which one you are using.

Orb should be used after your other abilities are on cooldown as you're more likely to trigger Slowing Orb, Refreshing, Refreshing Precision and Keen Humility.

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