Territory Standing Cards Diminishing Returns

What exactly are the diminishing returns on the territory standing cards?

Territory Standing card choices are tricky, since you can't reset them later on so, you might want to have a better understanding of their bonuses and plan in advance.

Card Choices

There's a total of 10 cards you can pick from (there's 12 different images for them in the game - 2 of them might come at a later date, or might not come at all):

  • Standing Gain boost
  • XP Gain boost
  • Storage space increase
  • Gather Speed - this one seems to affect the gathering yield too, but more testing is required to confirm.
  • Faction Tokens boost
  • House Items limit increase
  • Trading Tax reduction
  • Crafting / Refining Station Tax reduction
  • House Tax reduction
  • House Ownership

The card options you see every time you level up your Territory Standing aren't random. You can see a list of all the options for any level on our Territory Standing table.

Something to note is the fact that the House Ownership is an option in any pool (not present in the table above since it's not relevant most of the time), you just need to be at least standing level 10 in order to be able to pick it. This means that, for example, you can reach standing level 10 without spending any of your points, and you can pick House Ownership from first level's pool, which will allow you to pick Trading Tax, XP Gain or Storage from the level 10 pool.

Card Values

Most of the cards have diminishing returns on their bonus. This means that the bonus you get from an extra card will always be lower than the previous bonus of the same card.

Standing Gain, Gather, Faction Tokens, Trading Tax, Station Tax and Property Tax cards all start at 5% bonus, and each new pick will be 13.5% lower value than the previous one. The value can never go below 0.25%

The XP Gain card starts at 3%, and each new pick will be 10% lower value than the previous one. It can't go below 0.25%.

For those who want to quickly check these numbers at different card levels, you can take a look at our Territory Standing Card Values table.

Hopefully this can help you get a better understanding of the system!

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