New World Void Ore Drop Rate

Not getting much Void Ore? With how low the drop rate is, of course you are not.

A recent Dev Blog by the New World team shed some light on how exactly luck affects the loot tables in the game. We always knew the drop rate for Void Ore is low, but not that low!

Drop Rates

Lets take a look at our drop rates for various luck values. The following table assumes you are already Level 200 Mining, which gives you a 2000 luck boost (10 luck per level). The luck value from the table refers to the extra luck, coming from food, perks, etc.

Luck Void Ore Drop Rate Cinnabar / Tolvium Drop Rate
0 0.0045% 0.1%
1,000 0.0235% 0.6%
2,000 0.045% 1.1%
3,000 0.065% 1.6%
4,000 0.085% 2.1%
5,000 0.105% 2.6%
6,000 0.125% 3.1%
7,000 0.145% 3.6%
8,000 0.165% 4.1%
9,000 0.185% 4.6%
10,000 0.205% 5.1%
11,000 0.225% 5.6%

In the long run, you will usually have at least 140 times more Cinnabar and Tolvium (combined) than Void Ore

Get Mining Luck

Here's a list of all the luck sources in the game:

All of the above will give you a boost of over 11,000 luck, on top of the luck boost from Mining Level 200.

Mining Luck Food

If you can't get your hands on the highest tier food, here's a list with all the food that offers a mining luck boost:

Mining Luck Trophies

Trophies also come in different tiers:

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