Lost Present Mini-Farm

A nice little hot spot for the New World Winter Convergence holiday event! It looks like someone dumped a whole load of Lost Presents in this small, easy-to-farm village.

In Northern Weaver's Fen, Fenton Hamlet sports a nice little farming route for [gatherable_lostpresent00]s for the Winter Convergence event. It's even close to a Winter Village and a Spirit Shrine! Lost Presents give you [item_wcstolenpresent]s, that can can be turned in at the Winter Village for the event currency, Winter Token, that can be exchanged for prizes.

Recommended Level: 45+ makes things easy.
Enemies: Level 39 Lost (bring a Life Staff - they're weak to Nature), a few Level 28 Wolves, and an easy-to-avoid brute.

Starting at the Spirit Shrine, follow the path south into the village, then turn and circle the village, ducking into the center as needed. The presents respawn fast enough (3-30 minutes) that you can farm this circle as long as you can stand, with near constant respawns as long as you don't have much competition.

They're almost always found by chimneys of houses, but a few are just out in the open as well. Look for the bright blue glow - they're hard to miss! [gatherable_lostpresent00] locations shown below.

Bonus Floating Present: Floating [gatherable_lostpresent01]s give 20+ Recovered Presents when hit! Head west every lap and shoot down the floating one near the Mourningdale border (respawn is also 15-30 minutes).

Fenton's Hamlet Lost Present Locations - MapGenie

I hope this tip helps you reach your event farming goals. Happy present hunting, and happy holidays!

❄🎄Happy Winter Convergence! 🎄❄

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