Crafting Artifacts, Cooking Recipes and Schematics

How Crafting Artifacts, Cooking Recipes and Schematics work.

If you ever wondered why you can't see some recipes in the crafting station, that's because they either require a Cooking Recipe, Schematic or Artifact Ingredient.

Artifact Ingredients

One example is Recipe: Voidbent Breastplate, which requires Voidbent Ingot - an Artifact Ingredient that you must have in your inventory or the settlement's storage for the recipe to be visible in the crafting station. Like any other ingredient for the recipe, the Artifact Ingredient is consumed on craft.

From a technical point of view, an artifact item is simply an item that you must own for the crafting recipe to be visible. Marauder Barbarian Seal is also an Artifact Ingredient for [recipe_mediumfeet_marauderrank5_barbarian], and so is the original version of the faction gear. If you do not own them both, you won't see the conversion recipe in the crafting station. Artifact Ingredients are marked as such in the recipe pages on NWDB.

Cooking Recipes

Some food requires you to learn the recipe first, by salvaging a Cooking Recipe. To craft something like [recipe_foodconfoct4] you need to first salvage [item_recipe_foodconfoct4], otherwise you won't see the recipe in the Kitchen.


Schematics are the same as Cooking Recipes, but for gear and furnishing. Crafting something like Recipe: Void-Forged Harbinger requires you to salvage  Schematic: Void-Forged Harbinger first.

Database Info

All Crafting Recipes on our website will show if you need a cooking recipe, schematic, or artifact ingredient so, if you can't see the recipe in the crafting station, just search it on the database to check for these requirements.

It's also often easy to accidentally salvage a recipe or schematic that you have already learned, which is why we made a Recipe & Schematic Tracker tool to help you keep track of them.

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