Polished Marble Storage Chest

Epic Housing Item Tier IV
1050.0 Extra Storage

A chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage by 1050 weight when placed in your home. Scholars have not yet translated these Ancient runes.

Housing Points (WIP) PointModifier: 0 RankingPoints: 0.14 MaxPotentialPoints: 0.14 RankingPointsDuplicateLimit: 1 RankingPointsNegativeLimit: 2
Housing Placement Limits Tier 1 House: 1 Storage Chest Tier 2 House: 2 Storage Chests Tier 3 House: 3 Storage Chests Tier 4 House: 4 Storage Chests
Tier IV 1.0 Weight
Gives 1.50
when salvaged.
Market Price

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