Powerful Beast Coating

Consumable Common
This item might not be obtainable

USE: Apply to currently drawn weapon. Gives +13% damage against Beasts. Lasts for 35 minutes or upon unequip, whichever comes first. Only one Coating may be applied to a weapon at a time.

Grants Effects Powerful Beast Weapon Coating While this weapon is active deal more 13% damage to Beasts. Effect ID: WeaponCoatingEffect_Beasts_T4 Duration: 35m Max Stack: Stacks 25 times 25
Bind On Pickup Tier IV 0.5 Weight Max Stack: 100 Requirement: Level 40 Derived from Faction Shop
No Source

We can't find any source for this item (quests reward, drop, etc). It's highly probable this item is not obtainable right now.