Legendary • Named Greatsword Tier V
Item Gear Score
78 Base Damage 3.0% Critical Hit Chance 1.25 Critical Damage Multiplier 62.0 Block Stamina Damage 62.0 Stagger Damage 34% Block Stability
195 slash Damage

A sword shipped in from faraway from Aeternum. It is of excellent make, as many have safely staked their lives on it in the past.

Bind On Pickup Named Item Tier V Scales With: STR 81%, DEX 80% 11.2 Weight 2500 Durability
Can be crafted Can be crafted
Gives 6
Repair Parts
when salvaged.
Deprecated Variant
Wodao 590 GS New
Item Tiers
Wodao Tier V
Wodao Tier IV