Madman's Headhunter

Epic Musket Tier IV
Check the New Madman's Headhunter
Item Gear Score
82 Base Damage 6.0% Critical Hit Chance 1.30 Critical Damage Multiplier 53.0 Block Stamina Damage 53.0 Stagger Damage
199 thrust Damage

"None are safe when the madman is on the loose."

Bind On Pickup Tier IV Scales With: DEX 90%, INT 65% 7.0 Weight 2500 Durability Requirement: Level 55
Gives 6
Repair Parts
when salvaged.
Deprecated Variant
No Source

We can't find any source for this item (quests reward, drop, etc). It's highly probable this item is not obtainable right now. It seems that the New Madman's Headhunter is obtainable.